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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Thanks for the advice! Getting too 100 followers is way harder than getting to your first 50 on Vidme. Would highlighting a creator on your channel during "x number of followers / views" also be considered a "shoutout?"
    • KotaTail parent reply If you wanna give someone a shout out, just make sure to do it out of kindness and not for your own benefit. And it doesn't matter the amount of followers you have if you're asking that.
  • [ – ] ShaneKyller reply Sub for sub annoys me because I check my sub count and I can tell when people are lying so that and spam comments I will NOT answer.
    • KotaTail parent reply That's smart because they only want more attention when they barely give any back to you if you do subscribe to the sub 4 sub guy.
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Dude it's good see you on vidme by the way, sub 4 sub is useless the same thing with follow 4 follow. I use to do sub 4 sub years ago but I stopped doing it right after I learned SEO back in spring 2015 also I'm against Clickbaiting, I despise clickbait with a passion and people who do that tactic is pathetic, I don't care how popular it is, its just plain pathetic, as for short outs of one do it to help out smaller content creators that deserve to be in the spotlight and given them the support they need.
    • KotaTail parent reply I agree with all the points that you have made! And I love being on this platform because there is a lack of the negative ways to grow like I've stated in this single video, and people would become an amazing content creator by making what they actually are happy with.
  • [ – ] ManySkills reply I have to admit I did try to get a shoutout from a few "shoutout Sundays." One of them really did help my old channel grow; we got I think 20 new subscribers and at least 15 of them ended up watching our videos from then on. I was going for one on my new channel until the guy actually gave a shoutout to someone with only one 15 second video that was actually shouting out ANOTHER channel. Haven't tried for another one since.
    • KotaTail parent reply I remember that I tried getting a shout out from this one channel, and it took over a year to actually get one from that particular person. But it never helped because none of them were active.
  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour reply There are legit people that grow with clickbait and shoutouts And acctual legit viewers enjoying to see clickbait (yes...somehow..) And seccond Jacksepticeye got started with a shoutout (from the man himself Pewdiepie) so giving shoutouts is not bad Clickbait is bad...but not in nuclear ways
    • KotaTail parent reply I never said giving shoutouts in general was bad, I meant that shoutouts are just not good if you're telling them to be active and sub to channels people probably wouldn't like just to get inactive subs in return. The good way to get a shout out is when they are active because they feel like doing it alone. Also click bait is just a very annoying way to grow, and should not really be a recommended method, because I know many YouTubers that currently are getting so much hate for making clickbait content. So it kind of turns to be a nuclear method. However, if the click bait has some entertainment into it rather than something that is clearly not real, there's an exception for it.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply It is my pet peeve to see people doing a sub for sub I don't think people see the big repurcussians for it especially when it comes to youtubers and vidme'ers. I also don't appreciate big youtubers using spam comments as a way to bring in subscribers through shoutout Sunday's. Plus their spam comments are rediculous! 😩😩
    • KotaTail parent reply It's crazy how people are that dumb to get internet attention. it becomes every content creators pet peeve 😂😂
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Sub 4 Sub or Like 4 Like always rubbed me the wrong way. What makes you think you can waltz over here, barely recognize me as a person and expect me to follow you just because you decided to follow me? Nah, dude. Not only have you just ruined your chance of a great first impression from me (I will assume you're pretty shallow and only out for yourself) but down the line, how will you feel like your channel growth is due in large to your BEGGING and not to your hard work. Okay...I'm done ranting. Thanks for the solid advice, man!
    • KotaTail parent reply Rants are actually entertaining for me, why did you stop? 😂😂, but yeah, you're very much welcome! :3
  • [ – ] XGuyy reply Sub4Sub will get 0 respect. Thats how I view people who do it, theres no point in doing it.
    • [ – ] KotaTail parent reply I know! Sub 4 Sub is just people who are too lazy to get subscribers legit.
      • [ – ] XGuyy parent reply Its freaking cringe when people ask for sub4sub . I just have so many bad memories of it from YT lol so many little kids commenting "cool vid. Sub to me and I will" I saw that a shit ton.
  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply I think one of the best ways to grow honestly, is just to form connections with other people. Sub 4 Sub is not a great way to grow, unless you manage to get someone that's actually, like a friend who's going "Hey, you and me, we sub to each other, let's do some collabs, let's do some shit together! Let's try and grow!" That's an instance of good growth from the sub for sub thing... But most people just want numbers. I don't care about the number of subs I have or the number of views, I want to meet cool people, talk to people and have fun. But it's harder for me to go out and comment and like and share all the video's I want to you know? Anyways, Yeah I can agree with a lot of this and yeah, It can be pretty harming. There's always exceptions to every rule like Iannis_Hour pointed out.
    • KotaTail parent reply I can relate to what you said in your comment. I wouldn't look at numbers or anything, I would rather have fun and make friends in the process, but it's hard when everything gets in the way like people who really wanna use numbers to their advantage
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