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  • Leadhead reply Yes I live in BC Canada and I couldn't believe my fucking mind when I heard the story of the first baby in Canada to be registered without the sex specified. That child has no fucking chance now and the parents should be jailed for child abuse. This planet has a disease that needs to be purged or we are truly fucking done.
  • amyscoolbeans reply That child should be fucking taken away and given to people who aren't insane. Jesus bloody christ.
  • Cellblock776 reply It shouldn't be a discussion what to register a child on the birth certificate. If the child has a penis it is listed as a boy and if it has a vagina it is listed as a girl. It's about the proper, scientific SEX of the child for identification and proper health care of the child. Putting unspecified should be criminal of the person responsible for filling out the form.
  • Aaronshy reply Even my mom agrees babies need genders!
  • MultiKillerjoe reply its funny i saw the thing about the child being unknown which is stupid its either a boy or girl theres no such a thing as unknown
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Does anybody want to give me odds that this kid will "decide" to undergo some sort of corrective medical procedures to alter the gender that nature had given it without it's consent?
  • Edgewood reply ...Remind me not to go fishing anymore, even in games-I'm afraid to somehow catch one typed as 'trans'. How...why would they want to know this? And how would contraceptives do that anyway? Don't they stop reproduction, or did that get changed in some chem lab somewhere and I missed it? ...Still, that reaction...! I don't want trans fish! How would it even work?
  • CattyDog reply What is this? Suit, go back to doing Mohamed dances, please?
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