Regional War (Turkey/Iran/Qatar vs Egypt/UAE/Saudis) over Qatar Isolation?

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  • avanlmaas reply BTW, is it safe, secure to tip on
  • avanlmaas reply Yes, this is like the days leading up to WW I... Hopefully, it will be limited to just Middle East. Erdogan - or whatever his name is - is siding with Qatar, and friendly with Iran; because this is what dictators do when they're PO'd at the USA - in this case, because Trump is decidedly pro-Kurd. Let's be honest, Turkey is no longer a democracy, and the coup attempt was staged to consolidate power. Erdogan - and perhaps others - sees himself as the Mahdi figure.
  • winstonsmith1914 reply Egypt has never been and is not a solid western ally. Not even close.
  • winstonsmith1914 reply Turkey would beat Saudi Arabia. Saudi soldiers are lazy and unprofessional. Same for Egypt. Iran is worthless. Turkish soldiers are very good. So the side with Turkey wins.
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