Camden Flats To Be Evacuated: Agenda Unfolding

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  • xbbrittx reply so not fair what's happening to everyone :( can't speak to many about what I've been awakened too as they think I'm crazy I've learnt. Keep up the good work X will follow you and others wherever you go :)
  • [ – ] xbbrittx reply Finally found you, had to join vidme have not much clue what I'm doing yet but so thankful to have found you and others, hating yt at the moment. What happened to freedom of speech??? Anyway once again glad to have found you 😀
    • trustonenews parent reply Thanks. I do have a YouTube channel too under trust One News 2. Vidme is getting rid of Truth channels now too so just a heads up.
  • Kenthedog reply The buildings are being emptied for a reason, it's nothing to do with cladding.
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