Let's Play Pokemon FireRed Ep.2: My Poisoned Rat

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  • [ – ] zaelliariffic reply Damn man. Your fortune for today is Death Awaits apparently. xD 3 Poison Sting 1 shot poisons in a row.
    • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply Which is why I don't play Mario Party, my luck is awful. But in Pokemon for some reason all my bad luck decided to stack up, mixed with my lack of memory. -_-
      • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply Funny you said you liked NCS so much, cuz when I saw you name yourself NVS, it reminded me of him completely ;P I didn't watch him myself but I know him from PBG's hardcores. I'm definitely a big follower of PBG for a long time, and special mentions to SpaceHamster and Projared too!
        • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply Was not intentional O_O Now I feel like an awkward stalker XD my full name literally I just threw together because got tired of thinking of stuff with Demon on it. PBG is brilliant, I didn't watch much Projared, but SpaceHamster is fun as well, really fun videos with PBG and SH. But nowadays I think I watch too much Stephenplays. (We are using comments as chat XD)
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