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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply All your videos are so cool, looks like you had a fun packed day, it's good to be young and crazy. Thanks for sharing your special day.
    • [ – ] Meena_Blaque parent reply Thank you so much, that just motivated me again, had actually gotten a bit down and didnt record any videos so maybe ill record some this weekend. Its nice to be young and crazy but add a little bit of caution, my mum would kill me if she found out i went for rafting worse still bungee
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Don't feel pressured to make video's, I do think you are really talented. This is why vlogging is important, it only takes 1 person to watch 1 video to trigger a very special memory that took place in their lives. This video showed me a little about you, and also reminded me of when my daughter did her 1st bungie jump (against my wishes because dads are stubbornly overprotective). The worst part was when the guy counted backwards, 3 2 1 jump. She jumped on 2. Her response "Can I go again .. " Now she has her own daughter (5yrs) and who isn't allowed to have a skateboard because they are too dangerous, Oh how the wheels of life turn.
        • Meena_Blaque parent reply My mum used to party and when i would go out and tell her she would get so worried, parenthood changes you. I get so protective of my younger cousins too, can't imagine if it was my own i would freak. Thanks for sharing though!!
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