Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review (No Spoilers)

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  • ThatOneFilmGuy reply @itsOnlyRawman I still recommend you see the movie, it's not perfect, but is worth watching.
  • [ – ] ThatOneFilmGuy reply @itsOnlyRawman Rogue One may be flawed however it's still a great Star Wars film and I do recommend you see it.
    • Rawman parent reply I am a big fan of star wars and so far i haven't disliked really much that i have seen, even the prequals are flawed but I have seen a lot worse movies haha. I think regardless I was going to see star wars rogue one but I was most likely gunna wait to go with someone.
  • Rawman reply haha the cut to the kangeroo was funny. i was obviously really excited to see this movie like everyone else when this was announced, but there seems to be mixed reviews and you saying its flawed really makes me hesitant especially when the flaws are about characters which is one of the parts that makes star wars most loved! another great video bro keep them coming!
  • DanielHuntington reply Personally, I don't think Darth Vader being limited in screen time is a problem with the movie, since he's not the focal point of it. That's just me. But yeah, I do agree that many of the characters aren't very interesting. :/
  • ThatOneFilmGuy reply @warren Thanks for the support!
  • warren reply Haha, Mario photo is great. Nice review of the movie. Agree that it's flawed, but I loved it nonetheless.
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