Canada Bans Drones!

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  • [ – ] RiccardoBlb reply Those are pretty normal regulations actually. We have stricter rules here in italy that applies to every RC aircraft. People shouldn't be allowed to fly their shit without a permission in residential areas or where they might be a danger for other people.
  • [ – ] Cellblock776 reply Pet peeve- I hate the term "drone" when used to refer to these small quad copter remote control aircraft. They are nothing more than the evolved versions of the RC aircraft we have been playing with for years. Instead of looking like a smaller version of a biplane or a typical helicopter we have these quadcopter and multirotor designs but still basically the same thing. But now the Feds are all freaking out because the average user can afford to buy one and use simple controls to operate it. OK, so what? It's still just a RC helicopter. Not a "drone". Good video though. Upvoted..
    • GRAHAMINATOR parent reply You're right, I don't see any difference unless it is perhaps improved controls and flight stability. Stuff like this has been sold as a toy for years! Drones I believe are semi autonomous like the ones that can follow you or someone else and keep the person in the shot of it's camera.
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