VEGETA IS NICER THAN GOKU?! | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • AllTheCoins reply Awwww nice guy Vegeta :) I like I've never questioned Vegetas sense of family until just now...
  • Socore reply You're Goku on Abridged? I fucking <3 you! OMG you guys are so funny, and your jokes have found their way into my everyday life... NAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
  • SimpleMan reply Goku just likes fighting. That's what makes him an exceptional fighter. The only thing he likes in life is fighting, and the only thing Vegeta can't stand is not keeping up with him. The radical emphasis of this in Super actually surprised me, and the comments by Whis (that you also remarked on) changed my mind quite a bit about their relationship. In the end I am still rooting more for Vegeta than I ever have for Goku. Vegeta has just always been a better character. More interesting, more respectable, and with more personal volition involved in his decisions to change his manner of living.
  • edmsquad reply Would you kindly check us out? We have some Copyright Free Music for your vids :D <3
  • [ – ] Mattwo reply Yea, a combination of being a Saiyan and a country bumpkin out of touch with the rest of the world whose only possible parent figure died when Goku was still very young will definitely cause a guy to not be the best at interpersonal relationships. No wait, being a Saiyan has nothing to do with that.... Seriously, if the Ox King was bumped off around the same time, Chi Chi probably would have wound up more like Goku.
  • Marshmeowlo reply LOL WHAT, omg no kissing but lets make babiez
  • GrayDragonslayer reply Good video dude
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