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  • [ – ] phook reply Critical Theory: A type of theory in which everyone that does not agree with the theory is criticised, often as an 'oppressor' or 'enabler of oppression'. I.e., a theory based on bigotry. Huh, I can use some of those words too..
    • yourvagismysafespace parent reply Not if you're a cis white male. Unless that is, you're using them to acknowledge the systemic privilege of your racist patriarchal misogyny.
  • yourvagismysafespace reply I am looking to coin the phrase "a bunch of crybaby retards". Ya think it'll catch on?
  • isaneinthemembrane reply No wonder the world is turning to shit. These women need fucking and children, to give them a chance of happiness to have grand kids instead of CATS.
  • Edgewood reply Pretty much what I was thinking, followed by 'Dear Lord, if somehow you're real, help me withstand the potential stupidity about to flow forth.'
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