Afd Berlin chief on Islam

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Dr. Wafa Sultan's 1st public-address in 5-years "All Islam is Radical" - A.F.A.- L.A. watch?v=0HMoVoDro_0 Brave women speak out at MP Iqra Khalid's speech watch?v=LHQaL6kRDtc Shocking testimony of Brigitte Gabriel on the Islamization of Lebanon - Wake Up Europe!!! watch?v=brehUhjwQjs
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply The Religion of peace destroyed Turkey and Lebanon and Bosnia, It has a single goal of Jihad, and Bill M-103 are a first strike on freedom of speech. The people of Lebanon were open minded and tolerant and soon found themselves in a war when the peaceful Islamic neighbors turned on them and murdered them. The ISLAMIC culture of conquest promoted in the Koran where Jihad is tough as a means of conquest. This is a { SMALL } sample of some of the ISLAMIC inspired EVIL and oppression in history. Biggest Holocaust India, Battle for Vienna, River Wars, Barbary Wars, Armenian Genocide, Violent Conquest of Lebanon, ISIS in Iraq & Syria, World Terrorism, 911 Europe. These are just some of the names that ISLAMIC TERRORSIT go by. ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Army of Islam, Boko-Haram, Daesh, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Liberation Front, Taliban, etc. TYT is just one of the past names of ISLAMIC conquest. The Young Turks is the Name that the ISLAMIC invaders of Arm...moreenia took after which they changed the name of the Country to Turkey as part of their victory of their ISLAMIC conquest. History prove there is NO such thing as ISLAMOPHOBIA, This an ISLAMIC blasphemy law designed to stop free speech.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Emmanuel Macron has already said he will take in another 100,000 refugees. I don't have a crystal ball but for some reason I feel this is a calamity in the making. Eastern Europe has already built boarder fences and is refusing to take Refugees despite pressure from Merkel and the Parliament of the EU. The question is will the Parliament of the EU resort to force and intimidation to keep the Union together as it has with it's 60 Billion hostage demand issued at England. I wonder how long it is before Macron changes his policies if there is another wave of ISLAMIC terrorism or will he hold the course and keep adding more migrants despite protest of this policy. I think the people are getting more anxious about the decisions of the leaders as they see the negative effects of mass ISLAMIC immigration. The media suppression has played a big part of fracturing the people into opposing views and has been a powerful tool of the globalist. There seems to be an accelerated push to silence the a...morelternative media as it is the only source that has judged and brought attention to the leaders and their decisions. My prediction is the EU is going to become more divided, and the potential of the Parliament of the EU trying to take step to keep various countries in line be military action or monetary penalties with only increase as will the tensions. The Parliament of the EU has already made moves to stop free speech, they have a huge budget that is going to be use it to build a police state controlled by these same unelected officials.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply This is about taking over Europe, the countries to join the EU parliament for the purpose of increased trade, but it has become a dictatorship making decisions on immigration, and boarder security, it has created laws to silence free speech. It's isn't about trade at all it about controlling Europe out of this facility. Since Merkel controls the EU Parliament it is actually the Fourth REICH. It wants to blackmail England for 60 Billion Dollars if they try to leave. The riots of ANTIFA are the equivalent of the Brown shirts that HITLER used to silence and intimidate the population. People of France see this for what it is a dictatorship this time get out before they roll out the EU tanks to enforce the problems of the Refugees, that Merkel invited into Europe. This year 2017 will see Millions more migrants on the way to Europe the violence will only increase and speed the roll out of Military rule by the Parliament of the EU. This is why they keep allowing refugee invasion of Europe as ...moreit hastens the day the people will support their dictatorship. Sooner or latter they will call out the Military of the EU to restore order. It's part of the bigger plan to enslave you, Vote yourself out while you still can, take back your country.
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