Lego worlds - Playful Prairie Episode 12

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply That world is very creative. You did well in the plane, despite being "terrible" with planes. Underwater world was cool too. What do you get for tackling the running guys?
    • MissMulti parent reply Well it wasen't a very realistic plane i mean on games like battlefield where the controls feel abit more realistic i fail miserabley haha. The little green men drop pieces of lego that you can use for building, they drop lots of different shaped pieces so that you can have more flexibility. There are tons of them to collect aswell, so it should be quite diverse where free building is concerned but i've gotta collect them first lol.
  • [ – ] TheTurtleRabbit reply That giraffe running animation was hilarious! It probably had headphones in and was listening to some intense music while running lol.
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