Al Jazeera cuts Tommy Robinson because he tells the truth about Mohammad (improved)

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  • Broomfondle reply I hadn't seen that before, well played son!
  • Steve_Trueblue reply Tommy Robinson always worth listening to. Here he outwits the dishonest Aljazeera and forces a false admission from the interviewer.
  • Cirris reply Nice work Tommy. Don't let the media off the hook. Make your own 3rd party tapes of interviews and see how manipulative the News Media has become.
  • NewMessage reply Mohammed was a pedophile.
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  • Steve_Trueblue reply Tommy Robinson has announced he will publish a revised Koran with the worst chapters first so the reader will rapidly realise the brutal nature of Islam. He will include commentary and finally the KORAN will be comprehensible to the average Muslim. In 702 the first KORAN had chapters ordered by length furrchrissake rendering the book very difficult to read and confusing the reader. This will be a landmark book that commences a reformation of Islam by explaining it to 90pc of muslims who dont read the KORAN. This will encourage serious reconsideration of the KORAN.
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