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  • Brooska reply @Dos_Gaming yours is definitely a worthy competitor ;)
  • Brooska reply @NotYourFriendlyUserTV to each their own.
  • DragsTv reply❤️
  • 599 reply Lol 🔥
  • Smiless reply This video was so terrible I had to make a video about it
  • BrianAiya reply can anyone tell me how to add gifs as your avatar?
  • Hexified reply Clickbait :-/
  • March_Hare82 reply @Brooska That is the sad state of affairs we are currently facing. People need to resort to adding to the issue of clickbait in order to avoid being drowned by it. It's a self fulfilling doom. I can't tell you or anyone else not to do it, but sometime, somewhere, people have to take a stand and say they aren't willing to partake in the problem any more. That is the only way to push clickbait back into being a minority, (it'll never completely go away, i guess). I'll leave a couple of thoughts for any content creators reading, firstly, it take a long time to build up a reputation, but only seconds to destroy it, secondly, if you're not willing to be part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. (Both sayings come from much better and wiser people than me.)
  • Brooska reply @March_Hare82 Clickbait is everywhere these days. There is so much of it that people feel the need to do it too, or they won't get the views they are looking for. I appreciate your honesty on how you feel about my video being clickbait. Comments like yours are what help creators improve. Whether it be constructive criticism or hate in general, both can be used to help the creator grow in quality. I don't clickbait too often, I do it rarely these days. I do it when I need another small push just to get my content out there. It's hard to get noticed on the internet these days without paying for publicity, so a person has to do whatever they can to be seen by the public eye. Sometimes even the best content goes un-noticed because of the over-saturation of clickbait, or just video's in general.
  • March_Hare82 reply @Brooska Thanks for your reply, the POS comment was aimed at the platform as a whole, I was lead to believe that clickbait wasn't an issue here. I just feel it's a very poor trick to try and generate views, it's my most hated thing on YT and I potentially miss a lot of great content as I am suspicious of anything that sounds interesting or exciting these days. Maybe this whole cribs thing is a big vidme joke which me being new, I am not in on, but I shalln't click on any more videos just to be on the safe side.
  • Brooska reply @March_Hare82 I'm sorry you feel that way. Everyone has their own opinion and I respect yours.
  • March_Hare82 reply I'm gutted, only the second video I've viewed on vidme and it's a clickbait title. What a POS, I guess this isn't a viable alternative to YT after all.
  • Bitgamer reply Real nice sir
  • Dos_Gaming reply Nah mate, @Brooska you obv didn't see mine
  • Brooska reply @Keksfresser if only that was possible......if only :(
  • FischerFuat reply Sad.. I was hoping for some real hitler voice :(
  • Brooska reply @Dos_Gaming My crib was obviously the best ;)
  • Dos_Gaming reply Yo! CRIIIIIBS!
  • Brooska reply @Rezelway I had to do it, there was no other choice :((( Hitler just doesn't understand me.
  • Rezelway reply You traitor
  • Brooska reply @Jay440 Very much appreciated, good friend. <3
  • Jay440 reply Love the message you convey good sir. Nice video.
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