Welcome to the New Age Deception- Deep State Globalist Agenda Exposed

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  • Revolutionaer reply Very good. Christ=Truth
  • [ – ] Furiousredheads reply please don't call the nwo/rothchild's en co the illuminati, they are not enlighten at all, they wisht they where, the real illuminati is a big group of spirits/souls who are aware of life, death and every form of spirituality. a homeless man can be illuminati as long his soul is connected with his body ;)
    • [ – ] TheGoldenPathAwakening parent reply Let me know when you have your enlightened "peek behind the veil" if you like what you see. "never light the darkness, it will blow your soul away, for you'll be seeing, what you thought you're dreaming."
      • [ – ] Furiousredheads parent reply the mass is manipulated, they are blind and call them the illuminati, they aren't like the originals ;) look up the history, it was a secret society but not to dominate the world just because spiritual or wise people where burned alive in the past, because people believed them to be witches
        • Furiousredheads parent reply Here in this video they say also: elite, that's the right way/name for them yes! they are the evil elite, not the illuminati :D
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