Britain Rise: British Nationalism: A New Dawn

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  • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 reply I absolutely love this video.. National Action has been banned though ... all the while hezbolah terrorist flags fly in London .....
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply banned but simmering is going over, give it time. They cannot stop masses esp when those who are brainwashed wake up from what is actually happening, kinsman or not they will see what it means for them in the long run.. this is why we had & lost ww2.. yes our governs are traitors & serve the jew banks fed res & goldman sacchs
      • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 parent reply Of course my dear, and I would say Western Europe has passed the simmering stage, in places very close to boil ...
        • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply have a look at how many views in 1 day & see how many upvotes (manipulated by vidme much?)
        • bohemefit2 parent reply let it boil over slip & wreak the havoc of war.. on our terms & not the banks.. australia is the same but we are so cucked & smug of our multi cultural anti white stances..
  • Thornack reply off course, foreign people lived and always will live in other country's, it will be for work, help, or what ever purpose. even in the third reich there was a policy, but when the reich had problems that stroke their own folk, they where the first to move back where they came from. and that is pure logic! and they will NOT and never could become the MAJORITY !
  • Thornack reply Europe awake!
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