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  • ayenbelu2 reply expand (possible spam) Nice video! I followed! Would you consider following me back? I want to get verified.
  • NickVictoryFire reply this was awesome fight and that move Goku when he was SSJGOD it was Spirit Ball
  • AngelOfDestruxtion87 reply *EP 114* Thoughts. The Hype was real for this one. OMG. Turns out the few scenes we saw last week of Kale & Caulifla working together was just the beginning. The Teamwork this week? It was beyong my wildest dreams. The attacks *Spot On* The Peptalk Caulifla gave Kale before she would eventually snap again. and that tear running down her cheek. *The Feels!!!!!!!* My Bae Frieza got his cameo in. To bad he did not eliminate that Police guy. Oh well maybe next time. And the Bromance was real once again. *CAN WE* PLEASEEEEEEEE get at least 1 full episode with *Vegeta vs Toppo* COME ON writing staff. I'm not asking much. Just this one ietsie bietsy thing That's all i'm asking for. And Finally. ================= What is Jiren's deal? ================= He seems somewhat annoyed that he can't meditate in peace. not focused or something. The Guy will probably snap out of it soon and eliminate a bunch of jabroni's in the process.
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