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  • [ – ] TheUnderNetwork reply BLKAWHITE: Durrrr I'm a pro Genji but I don't know how to play Mercy or Zen...Fails at Zen regardless. SUSHIX: I go Symmetra and fail at placing a teleporter just about anywhere and nobody fucking uses it. REV: OMG UR SO TOXIC. WHY U LIL BITCH. Bitches calling other toxic with no self-awareness that he's the toxic one. He's probably a male feminist or ANTIFA. ALPHABANGER: REV's boyfriend that can't even follow basic directions either. Couldn't even piss in a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. I almost forgot. PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH-PHARAH! So there you have it. I've been losing every single match to these assholes in every single game.
    • [ – ] Exoticbat parent reply I've been researching Germany. Hitler and rise of nazism. Isn't really surprising why he got into power. Retards like that team trying to play characters in a role they are not meant for (the zen) and not placing teleported when it's needed. Then not placing shield generator and placing teleporter right in front of the enemy.
      • [ – ] TheUnderNetwork parent reply Wait until you see more of the videos that I will be uploading soon. I am uploading them on YouTube because Vidme's upload is extremely slow right now. It's a fucking struggle. I takes an entire day to upload one video. There was an aimbotting Widow killing my entire team.
        • [ – ] Exoticbat parent reply This one:
        • [ – ] Exoticbat parent reply Did you upload it on YouTube or was it in a stream because I remember watching something like that. I remember that you were playing Orisa and ten widowmaker kept headshotting you and your team. Your team wouldn't switch to get another tank to try to keep the team alive.
          • [ – ] TheUnderNetwork parent reply Yep,that's the one. You can even see it on killcam that the Widow was instantly headshotting everyone and I switched to a DVA to take her bitch ass down.
            • Exoticbat parent reply Yeah I've been watching most of your videos on YouTube because there seems to be more videos on there. Hopefully vidme. Will improve so you can upload faster. Your content is great.
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