Why I'm Not Uploading Much... + Some Announcements

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply HELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO HUMAN!!! Hope that you did okay for your tests you know?! I just watched your cringe video on your old gaming vids and enjoyed it also! Keep up the good work and hope you will continue to make more funny videos you know? Where is your accent from? Is it from the UK? I will come find you on YOUTUBE to support you!
    • [ – ] Brannie parent reply Thanks you sheep, I got 2 more exams to get out the way, it's such a bummer. And yes, it is a UK accent haha, I sound very British when I speak. 😂 Stay awesome bro, I appreciate your support and dedication to my channel it's such an honour!
      • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply No worries human!!! I actually found your video when scrolling through the 'comedy' section! Your video is very near mine so I spotted it!!! I like the British accent you know? Reminds me of TELEVISION SHOWS like the first season of Black Mirror. Hope you will get your boring exams out of the way so you can make more videos!!!! Time and place for everything, as the humans say! (Except slaughtering sheep -- there is no time for that!) Lemme know when you got new content out on both vid.me and YouTube and I will come and support!! Or I will get notifications since I subbed to you on both already! Stay cool human!!!
        • [ – ] Brannie parent reply Ah yes very nice, the comedy section is my favourite taste I must say, and many people do adore the British accent but for me, naah haha. I hope I get through it too, cause I have a lot of video ideas to come up and revising is just another thing that won't back off, oh well. Anyways, appreciate it once again, thank you so much for the support sheep! 🐏🐑
          • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Anytime human!!! I am a big supporter of video creators who work hard (like you) and have a passion!! Glad I have discovered you. I hope you will get all your video ideas out of your head and into the world for others to enjoy! If you have the time, come find me on YouTube! Maybe subscribe if you enjoy -- but no worries if you don't, as I know some humans find my channel a bit weird you know? I think it's a species thing. Whatever the case, I will be BACK !! I have hit the BELL notification on YouTube as well, so I hope you don't completely leave YouTube entirely. Maybe you can do both? No harm anyway since it's just about uploading on the two platforms! But there IS something special about vid.me! It helped me find you for example! <3
            • Brannie parent reply Same, and Vidme offers that opportunity for many content creators to support one and another and give the benefit of the doubt which is amazing! I'll definitely check out your YouTube channel when I can, I've seen a couple of your videos and I find them rather entertaining I must say, quality editing, keep up the fantastic work you unusual speci haha
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply Good Luck On Your Tests
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