Trump on North Korea: Three F's

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  • SirRidealot reply North Korea. That is one place I would not protest too much (maybe just a little bit) if US get's involved. Only because I am very much against interventions in principle. Also we must not think that North Koreans are going to welcome us with open arms as liberators. They are very brainwashed. Perhaps beyond hope. It takes years, if not generations to get un-brainwashed. On the other hand, Kim the kimchi bustard had it coming, and unlike last time, Russia will not help him. If we are involved, however, it will be fun to see how liberals, who were all for destroying Libya and Syria will protest against involvement in North Korea. And how the right wing will be saying that liberals support North Korean communism. Which will be true, in more ways than one, come to think of it.
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