Celebrities and Epilepsy part two

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  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Very interesting i would have never known . TY for sharing oh and the E.A.P poem instantly brought the Simpsons holloween ep to my brain lol. Funny how things stick in your mind. Peace DGTLONE
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Nice to meet you on Vidme the_epilepsy_guy. Very interesting concept for a channel. What do you think of Vidme allowing lashing GIFs? Couldn't they cause seizures?
    • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy parent reply only if you are a photosensitive epileptic, and only 3 out of every 100 people with epilepsy are photosensitive. And that it is mostly females who are photosensitive. ..So the flashing lights ,, gifs dont bother me ....but thank you for asking .
      • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply You're welcome. I find them very bothersome to my eyes. I raised the issue on Vidme's reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/vidme/comments/6sfgir/couldnt_vidme_profiles_with_flashing_gifs_cause/
        • the_epilepsy_guy parent reply Well there is nothing they really can do , and plus the computer monitor does filter out and slow down the flashing , unless you have a very high end computer and great internet connection.
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