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  • [ – ] eknine9 reply I am now exclusively watching this and everything else on Vid.Me and other platforms. Youtube is dead to me, I dont care how good the content on youtube is, I refuse to go back.
  • [ – ] Novacaptamerica reply Moving away from YouTube. The hell with Google!
  • [ – ] flipkous reply Good to see stefan at vidme
  • [ – ] totallyrad reply Good to see Molyneux here. Hoping all my favorite content creators escape Craptube soon. Loving the tip option.
  • [ – ] AntIlluminati reply Nobody told me I could be anything, I was very ignored by elders when I was a kid. I had many friends that helped me to grow stronger though.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply Google & YouTube are fascist organizations.
  • MGTOWLIFE reply I check here for videos now
  • Kane_Lives reply Thanks for uploading to! I'll only be watching your videos on this site, we all need to start migrating away from youtube and their censorship.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply That YouTube hate is so real. Loving it though!
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply YouTube...the new MySpace.
  • LowBudgetTV reply I don't even really like you that much but censorship if fucking bullshit.
  • Eva111 reply What I really dislike: I cannot uninstall YT from my phone.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply It made sense to me. Parent yourself if there is no other to do so.
  • nakari reply Very good video. Gave me a little bit of clarity
  • Wrong_Think reply I hope this app gets better, a little glitchy.
  • Atlantis reply LOVE your video. It's 99% correct. My kids are in their 20's both strong & successful leaders, cross them & they will rip out your throat (they won't start a fight, but they will end one for you). Okay.. that said.. THIS is where I think I can add... there IS actually a way to heal childhood trauma. I will teach you now. This is if you are an adult now, this is how you do it. You find a quiet place in your home, comfortable, a time you won’t be disturbed, in the dark. Now, sit in your comfortable chair, close your eyes and look deep for that child within you. You are now an adult. In your mind, find that hurt child (you) within.... mentally you place that child (you) on your lap. Now, you tell the child YOU are here now (the adult you). Tell your child you will ALWAYS be there & now nobody can ever hurt you again. You tell that child all it needed to hear (back in the day). You are beautiful, you are smart, you are one of a kind. Tell the child (you) that you will NEV...moreER leave, you will always take care and love that child within. Tell him EVERYTHING he needed to hear (then)... you will stop at nothing to protect that child now, you will smack down anyone who dares to hurt this child now; because he is perfect. This is how you mend the child within, if you do it right... you will cry. But, it will make you strong and ain’t NOBODY ever going to mess with that child again. The deal is this... if your father was absent or a fool, you might cry NOT because of who your father was or what he did, but, that you had no father. You don’t give the horrid parent any wiggle room. What you lacked was a father (or mother) not the freak you had, but the true loss of not having a parent at all. There is also another technique... telling off the freak parent. If they are dead, it doesn’t matter you write them a letter, tell them what a piece of work they were, then end it there. Read it to their stupid grave or if alive... send it & be done with them.
  • SonOfAnder reply Stefan, share vidme links on Twitter instead of YouTube
  • thememeking reply Holy shit the quality is good
  • teoluna reply Yep, time to BURY youtube like the puddle of toxic waste it is.. Good to see people are coming to grips with the insane censorship and information bias
  • me_2 reply Wow. This was great. The old Moly is back!
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply Mentally a human can change through self awareness. This means having to go through the pain of discovering yourself and learning to deal with it. Helping these echos of our lives become silent.
  • julieward70 reply The birds chirping and the beautiful scenery are diametrically opposing your existential nihilistic wisdom, and your black clothing
  • Star_Wars6collector reply I wish I had millions of dollars like Stephan
  • Platypus67 reply I dissagree; as a kid i didn't get this conformation and 'all the love i needed' from my parents. But i still did not become an abusive person - or a complete victim; instead i learned about (and through) the pain i experienced and started to fight it where ever i encountered it. I became a loving and helpful human being; but it took me quite some effort to get here. What i want to say is you not necessarily become a vulnerable victim or an abuser after having a - let's say - 'sub optimal' childhood, but it takes some effort and a lot of 'rolling up the past'. This is by any means not to say I'm a perfect human beeing at all; but you CAN break a vicious circle you've been trapped in by your upbringing.
  • BexarPrepper reply Very incitful Blessings
  • TheTrue reply The VidMe app runs so much better than FascTube! Just miss screen mirroring, otherwise top notch! πŸ‘
  • TonyValentos reply Thought I clicked on Surviorman for a second there.
  • Cyriu reply Good to see you in Vidme Stefan and thank you for making this video, It really spoke to me.
  • [ – ] euanaustin reply Love Stefan's stoic attitude <3
    • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply I think it is a waste of time, people that talk in circles and never get to the point, come watch my video's and be blown away with real intelligence, the Dali Lama talks in circles and never gets to the clear point as well, that's why I questioned him and he blocked me after I called him out for being a fraud because he was not enlightened at all, he knew nothing about cell regeneration for real longer lasting life, nor did he know what the pyramids did and how they are designed, just watch one of my video's and then you shall be inspired with real knowledge,
      • [ – ] euanaustin parent reply Hi, circular arguments are certainly a waste of time. But, in this instance Stefan is providing useful advice, and not, I believe in a circular fashion. As I have now clarified above, I meant Stoic (with a capital 'S'), referring to the philosophical school. Anyway, I would be delighted to watch your videos! Catch me in the comments section :)
        • Star_Wars6collector parent reply philosophically speaking without real enlightenment one shall never be enlightened, is that what you mean by philosophy or is that just another interesting way of being condescending,
    • euanaustin parent reply *Stoic (as in the Philosophy)
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