Day 6 - Mucky Sunspots - Closing in on the Middle of the Sun

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  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply :) no need to wait for Monday for the Sun to get covered up thats for sure. I think clouds covering the Sun is what WSO was trying to make people think was you know what. Don't get me wrong i believe in this planet, but i really think its clouds he got.
    • [ – ] Jayling7 parent reply A couple of days before Steve put out that eclipsing Sun video from the SDO, I was looking into it also. Around the same time, about 6:45am UTC, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the 18th, the Sun was eclipsed by something. I didn't check further back but maybe it's more often that that. One channel said it was the Moon, but that event only happens a few times a year - it shouldn't be for 3 days in a row at the same time. The upside-down concave dark object, doesn't appear to be a planet or star with that kind of dip taken out of it. So I'm leaning towards it being a shutter on the camera going up to cover the lens at the same time each day. Now, why would they would cover the lens each day around then? I don't know, maybe to hide something that may be in view at that time? Perhaps, don't know for sure of course.
      • [ – ] j7409skynews parent reply Hey the shutter things makes sense. I hadn't thought about that. J
        • Jayling7 parent reply Hey, Jewel, I may be mistaken about the shutter closing theory. After watching Physicist Dr. Albers report with all the images and timestamsps, it doesn't seem possible to be a shutter closing as the eclipsing takes about an hour. And some of the images appear to have an irregular shape too, but still some of the images have the upside down curvature. Maybe it is an irregular shaped object, like an asteroid or beat-up moon eclipsing the Sun. It is strange indeed. Oh, here's her video in case you have the time and want to check it out. I'm not sure about her theory on the Sun going dark though, especially at similar times each day.
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