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  • [ – ] Rawman reply I have a very important question... Does saying "it's just a joke" enable you to say literally anything you want? Does freedom of speech enable you to say anything you want? These are things people seem to think I've noticed with this whole situation. Remember "bum fights" people used to pay the homeless to do some nuts stuff. "I know jews, so i can't be anti simetic" doesn't fly unfortunately. Remember Nicole arbour "dear fat people" that literally was a comedy video. A poor attempt at comedy. But it was comedy technically. I am one of the few people with the opposing view to defending pewdiepie i know. I'm not against him though it might see it. I'm against the idea of upsetting someone on a street and saying "its a prank bro"
    • [ – ] summerSpy parent reply It doesn't have to be a joke people can say whatever they want. Who do people think they are trying to ban free speech because of their feelings . Complete madness . I disagree with a lot of people but I don't want them banned. By the way I saw the video when It came out and I did think it was a mistake by him . He is free to be as stupid as he wants though. How dare people try to dictate what others can say?
      • Rawman parent reply @summerSpy free speech does not give anyone the right to say what they want without consequences or criticisms. look at me for example. I am being criticized for expressing my opinion lol. but i knew this would be a consequence.
    • [ – ] Vahldra parent reply Depends. Does running around pointing fingers at people shouting "he's a Nazi" enable you to literally do any thing you want, like say, "Punch a Nazi"? I don't think you understand the implications that this narrative has, do NOT take what anybody says or does out of context and use it for a Hit Piece, I don't care how much you hate somebody and want to damage their reputation, if they've done and said nothing wrong in context then there's no harm done, leave him the fuck alone. "Does freedom of speech enable you to say anything you want?" - Yes, as offensive as it may be, you have that fucking right. I get what you're saying in your last bit there, but the CONTEXT and the extent to which you are playing said prank is what matters. If the context of said prank is meant to upset someone then yeah, that's a pretty scummy thing for someone to do, but so long as the person "upset" is only you the viewer, you need to shut the fuck up and stop being offended on behalf of someone else. Th...moreat to me seems like the worst fucking thing to have ever happened in this PC SJW culture, is being offended on behalf of others even when "others" come out and explicitly say that they were not offended. If the context of said prank was intended to upset the person they prank and the person they pranked was upset by it, then more than likely he will get an apology immediately afterwards followed by immediately afterwards having a laugh about it himself. Context here is what matters, MSM cannot take what somebody says or does out of context with the intent to damage a persons reputation. We're talking straw man comparisons here for the sake of equivalences to false rape allegations that damage a mans career & life completely even when he's found to be completely innocent. Hopefully I've said enough, you have fully every right to be personally offended by a thing and that's fine it's your opinion nobody is trying to take that away from you. But don't let that or use that to fuel power over one side or another to go out on a vendetta with the intent to destroy somebody for no reason.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply @Vahldra i think based on your last sentence you didnt read all my posts it might seem. 2 wrongs does not make a right at all and i stated that in my reply that what the news does was not great. i 100% understand the implications of censorship...but i dont think this is cencorship, they punished him for making a video where he paid someone to say "death to all jews" and by apologizing he has actually admitted he is in the wrong. pewdiepie can do what he wants but if he says offensive things he can expect consequences that goes for any of us. unfortunately freedom of speech doesnt mean i can shout "BOMB!" on a plane or "I want to kill everyone in this library with this machete i have" even if its not true at all (obviously tourettes and other things exclude this). i would be punished for doing that. the part at the end is not me watching a joey salads video and him offending muslims and me thinking they will be offended i think this is wrong, no. its me saying people cannot do what the ...morehell they want and say "i can do what i want because of this reason"...its wrong. free will means do what you want, but freedom of speech does not include hate speech. "PC SJW culture"... man this has nothing to do with that lol.
        • [ – ] summerSpy parent reply Laughable this is about censorship they are sending out a warning to frighten other you tubers from saying what they think. Its rather silly that you think threats to kill are part of free speech so the example you choose is ridiculous. Freedom of speech does include "hate speech" otherwise its not free speech ! are you a crazy nazi or something?
          • Rawman parent reply alright you are clearly trying to antagnonise so i am done, thank you for your replies up to now it was fun. but its over. have a nice day.
    • [ – ] TipsterGaming parent reply @itsOnlyRawman I see your opinion and I respect it. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can joke about anything. But context matters. And this is a case where the situation is being taken out of context. I noticed you brought up Nicole Arbour. I was on the front lines of people who spoke out against her for that. And I still stand by my decision to do that as well as my decision to stand by PewDiePie. In the context of Nicole Arbour, she herself was insulting fat people. In this case, PewDiePie was seeing how far people on a website where you can pay people $5 to do different tasks...Just how far will they go for that $5? From beginning to end, his tasks got progressively more over the top. Most people turned down his requests. But two of them were actually completed. When the "Death To All Jews" part popped up, he was legitimately shocked and even apologetic because he didn't think they would actually do it. But the media didn't show any of that. They only showed the parts that d...moreemonize him. Cherry picked clips that they could manipulate to portray him in a negative light. And that's were we have a problem. The news is expected to tell us the facts. And they didn't do that here.
      • Rawman parent reply also, I'm yet to see an objective video about this topic...
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply I too agree that comedy is super subjective and nothing SHOULD be off limits BUT this only applies when you are 100% speaking from humour with no malice in your heart. but let me give you an example in the UK a comedian called Dapper laughs trivialized rape and got his show cancelled. a comedian called frankie boyle mocked a disabled kid and got ripped into for it. the case of taking something out of context is one thing i agree they shouldnt take something out of context its not right. i dont disagree with the wrongness of the news on that one bit. its wrong, but it still doesnt mean someone can say what ever then say its joke... Why speak out about Nicole Arbours right for free speech and expression of comedy, but defend pewdiepies testing the bounderies of humans doing stuff for money?... people will literally sell their body for sex for money, so saying some stupidness for £5 for 30 seconds of work you can bet someone will do it and they wont feel morally obligated because the...morey are just trying to make a living... when someone is encouraged to do something for money they will do it. is it simply because her jokes mocked fat people? im overweight and i have jew family, i wasnt offended by either. I just am shocked why people defend pewdiepie but are agaisnt her. you mentioned idubbbz in the video, so like idubbbz said... "either none of its ok, or everything is ok"...(or something like that he said)
        • [ – ] TipsterGaming parent reply You mentioned 2 things that I feel prove my point. First, you mentioned malicious intent. Nicole Arbour made her vid with malicious intent. She openly admits that. I'm paraphrasing but she said something along the lines of "if my insults make an overweight person feel like shit to the point of losing the weight, so be it". This was on a TV interview she did. That sounds like malicious intent to me. PewDiePie however did not do this with malicious intent. He submitted this request while not actually expecting it to be completed. Second, you mentioned idubbbz, saying all of it is okay or none of it is okay. As a fan of idubbbz, I have this to say. Exactly...Exactly...
          • Rawman parent reply I know she made it with malicious intent but she did not make it like if a KKK member said some racist stuff which would literally be malicious where hers is more trying to be offensive just for the sake of it. its more along the lines of like idubbbz saying "N*****F*****" its to be offensive but not actually racist/homophobic. its dark "comedy" (i would say lol). ive seen the video she was interviewed on the view.. she said she made the video to offend, but its satire...she said the whole thing is comedy. "death to all jews" is an offensive term. "n*****" is offensive and so is "F*****" the stuff she says in that video "dear fat people" is offensive.... so thats what i mean like what idubbbz said lol. either both Nicole Arbour and Pewdiepie are both able to say what they want (including idubbbz) or none of them. also, i dont actually agree with nicole arbour, yeah she intended to stir the pot and its wrong. but it literally was "comedy".
  • RetroBit reply While I may not be the biggest PewDiePie fan (Although his more recent video's have drawn me in much more) I feel like more people need to see your video on this whole situation as it shines a MUCH better light on the greater problem as a whole rather than just a "rant" or focusing on a frame of innocence for a single creator. What happened with that media "coverage" is some serious BS. He seems like a genuine creator just like any of us who put their heart and soul into our material. The fact that his YT partner didn't even bother to stand up and correct the situation is just wrong and I hope they feel the sting for this one on THEIR bottom line. Great video Rob, I hope this gets MUCH more exposure.
  • evildiscoguy reply Good video man, there's a lot of discussion that can be made over blurred lines in comedy but the main thing that can be taken away from this, is how old school media is scrambling to survive. Click-bait titles and smear campaigns are easy ways to generate views/clicks and sell ads unfortunately.
  • JustLife reply Good video dude that was a long discussion but then again there is so much to be said about this whole situation!
  • JaysTechTv reply dude the media makes false stuff everyday this is nothing new. youtube is out of control and so is pewdiepie in my opinion
  • blinx reply Remenber Evalion
  • blinx reply CNN kill the media credability
  • blinx reply That god for the vidme
  • Socore reply #freespeechmatters
  • [ – ] Socore reply Talk about censorship, look no further than Vidme. I'm surprised this wasn't retagged as News.... Oh wait, you're not talking about pedogate, that kind of censorship and attention only applies to people talking about the most important issue on the planet right now.
  • [ – ] LMarucha reply For those people insisting that pewdiepie went to far or there are some things you can't say, I have to ask: Do you believe that morals are subjective or objective? Because what is considered tame today will be offensive tomorrow and vice versa. The only valid argument I've found that you shouldn't say something is because of strategic business decisions.
    • Rawman parent reply this video is the perfect example of 90%+ people actually are in support of pewdiepie. and those who are not are scared they will be attacked by a swarm of his legion... most people dont think he went to far, in fact i am on the side of saying you cannot say what you want without consequence and i dont think he went to far...but i stand on the side of you cannot say what you want without consequence. If i said (without hyperbole and satire) "I HATE PEWDIEPIE AND ALL HIS DUMB IGNORANT FANS WHO LET HIM WALK OVER THEM MAKING THEM DO THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE BRAINWASHED AND IGNORANT I WANT THEM TO DIE" that ok for me to say or is that too far? and yes morals are heavily subjective but thats why we have laws set in place and have a democracy. we typically do things that are good for everyone. someone might think its morally ok to kill, but i dont.
  • [ – ] SteviePlays reply I have to have to ask you have you spoken to the relevant bodies what evidence they have.? A company like 'Disney, Maker Studios' don't just remove someone, for no reason. Also have you spoken to Pewds? Regarding all this????? Or is your own judgment, because I seen him do some obscene disgusting content. I get it we can be ourselves. That's what's YouTube was designed around. I just wanted your views. As I've made a video already before you uploaded this, but I was a little wary I could get the Bro's coming to kill me. This comment is not intended to get into an argument. Peace brother
    • TipsterGaming parent reply Obviously I haven't spoken to either party. I'm just a small guy. However, companies don't release people for noreason? Really? They cave to pressure. And WSJ literally put pressure on them. The article stated that they reached out to them and have yet to get a comment. They intentionally reached out to these companies to put pressure on them. This was a hut peice. Plain and simple.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply btw, i do like your video and i remember you from youtube, ive seen your content before and i like your stuff, one time you commented on my zelda "cel shaded" series. thanks again for that lol it meant a lot for someone with 10k+ subs to comment on my video. dont see me having an opposing view (or less subjective i guess?) to you on this topic as being against your or a negative person. i typically am very level headed and supportive lol.
  • [ – ] GamerThumbTV reply I love that shirt btw. Where'd you get it? I must own it. I freaking love Gengar and the ghost Pokemon.
  • [ – ] GamerThumbTV reply I've never really been a fan of Pewdiepie's content but I think it's absolutely disgusting how the media is portraying him in these headlines. If anybody actually watched the video in full they would've understood the context. Was the joke in bad taste? Maybe. Did he deserve to be punished? No.What about all the other crap YouTube is full of that gets no "punishment?" LeafyIsHere comes to mind. Makes fun of somebody in just about every video and makes jokes that many word consider offensive. You can't just cherrypick people to punish. Please research things before you believe the headlines people. Clearly, the media just thought Pewdiewpie was an easy target that can sell headlines.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply I agree @RobertSantellan due to false articles by the media this results to wrong censorship.
  • [ – ] americananimotk reply Maybe PewDiePie will drop YouTube altogether and come join us!
    • TipsterGaming parent reply Seeing how the community has reacted negativily to large YouTuber's moving over here in the past, part of me doubts he would be welcomed with open arms. lol But it would be nice to see this platform grow. And I feel like we need big names to accomplish that.
  • [ – ] RuneX reply Nice! I saw your video was on the front page of Vidme! Also, great discussion.
  • [ – ] Skarpantre reply I'm so happy he's so genuine and humble for being on top
  • [ – ] EnderBolt reply HEY REDDIT
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