Why Am I so Tired?

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  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply I get that! There are days when you're 100% tired even though you slept well and everything was fine and dandy. Today was a super eventful day, so I'm gonna be in them tired feels tomorrow I know for sure. Sometimes it's awesome just to sit back and chill! :D
  • [ – ] Leadhead reply Well certainly interesting comments, so why are you all of a sudden so tired... you moved to a mountain state, the elevation difference is such that the oxygen concentration is less, your body will require time to adapt. Great vids, keep up your vlogs!!
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply I feel like I have adapted a lot. I know it will take longer than two weeks to become fully acclimated haha. That would explain why I was so tired but I have hiked, walked, and even ran some days and was not tired at all until the evening. So who knows... haha. Thanks :)
  • [ – ] ThePrincessNeshh reply I do feel tired a lot. Not sure why? Maybe I am in the moving process to a bigger house. Lol. I really enjoy your videos. Finally subscribed!
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply Our bodies are so weird. I'm not tired at all today, which is nice. I got even less sleep last night so who knows why I was so tired haha. Oh wow, moving is a lot of hard work. I wish you the best of luck. I hate moving... lol. And thank you so much. I really Appreciate the support!
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply First again...how many times does this make?
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply No I was here first, but I had to wait until you put your comment in, cause I'm a nice guy.
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply At least 3x. Probably more. :D
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply you might be so tired because your right leg is out of place, watch my video's I made on how to get rid of lower back pain for the right leg and how to put your left leg into place, as well as read the comments because I put a lot of detail into it and it works for both men and women, thanks hope it helps you, no more back pain or head aches
      • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply To answer your question from the video, yes I feel tired a lot even if I haven't done anything and it's hard to get motivated even when there's a lot to do. A topic of interest to me is that I noticed a lot of content creators are struggling to find topics. The reason I think is because we live in a society where trust is a rare commodity. So, as a result we have kept other human beings at arms length. We're cut off and isolated and as a whole have forgotten the art of conversation. And yes, I'm being serious. When I spit out a long list of weird off the wall topics like I did with @danielamann I'm only half way joking. I think being bold and off the wall can spice things up and lead to a lot of interesting discussions. Let's admit it, we all have PITS (Post Internet Trauma Syndrome), we're afraid to open up and be ourselves cause the malicious trolls and senseless automatic policy machines of other corners of the internet have left us weary and unsure. I'm here to help you gu...moreys loosen up and cut loose. Let's be off the wall, yo!
        • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply Ha, okay! Great advice. I really appreciate it. You truly are a heroic villain ;). I'm just really busy right now so finding topics, other than my daily life, is not one of my top priorities. Between studying, transitioning to a more adult lifestyle, applying for jobs, and getting used to CO I don't have much time to really think about topics other than what I do during the day. I don't have a problem with sharing what I do during the day. I just want to know if you guys would like to see something different.
  • [ – ] ExcalibursZone reply If you're in the area, document a hike through Garden of the Gods or climbing Pike's Peak. Hiking is one of your interests so go out and document some of them in places that only Colorado can offer. I do miss Colorado, though. Seeing the mountains to the west, knowing when the sun is going to go down every day, having clockwork rain at 4PM, stores that don't close at 6PM...And even though traffic got to be pretty congested (back in '97/'98), there wasn't the East Coast's driver hatred going on all the time. Oh, and the mild-ish weather as compared to the rest of the country...If I had a choice and could move my family anywhere in the continental US, it would probably be Denver (near Golden or thereabouts), Boulder, or Colorado Springs.
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply I love Garden of the Gods. It is really nice there. I definitely need to go back. I also really liked Pikes Peak. I definitely am in no shape to climb it though haha. I was out of breath walking from the car to the shop on top of the mountain haha. I really love it here. It was a really good idea for me to move here. There is just so many great things about CO!
  • AxxL_Afriku reply i am tired of my face
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply So tired I didn't want to do anything? You've just described every day of my life! But usually after I have done some really physical work or been really stressed, the next couple of days I'm wiped. Or if I've been around a lot of people, that can drain me. Some people are energy vampires and it takes time to recover. My wife used to walk through Walmart and end up sweating and drained afterward, but no problem at a grocery store. That was weird. You mentioned not being there long. Do you know where you are moving to next and when? The plants are really happy to be planted! They don't like being in stores as they don't always get the best attention there. Plants love attention. Just saying hi to them when you see them can make their day. The socialize with the other plants around them, but they like feeling important to their caregivers. You'll have to show off your dresser! Your first dresser. Nice posters, by the way! Hawaii has flash rain too. It can come out of nowhere and real...morely pour. It's usually cooler when it does, so that's nice. "I can do anything you guys suggest...Within reason!" I had to laugh at that part. It's assumed, but not everyone gets that part. I guess dressing up in a costume and dancing to crazy music is out of the picture? Seriously, it's fun just to watch you go about your day. Myself, I like it when people talk about the things that have brought them a sense of happiness. It can be a game, a book, a movie, a song, an animal, a place, a person, an experience, an object or several of those things. And to really look at it and explore and explain why it brought that feeling. I'm glad you and Sarah are there for each other. It's super tough being alone to deal with life. Thanks for sharing another day in the life of Jessica!
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply After really thinking about it I might just be mentally exhausted from studying. I never really think of studying as being work but it really is. It is exhausting.... But who knows what really made me so tired. It could be the altitude, studying, or a number of other things haha. I am always drained after spending a lot of time with a group of people. Some people just take the energy right out of me haha. Walmart is a crazy place. I worked at the Walmart back home in Illinois for over a year before I had to quit because of my hip. It was so exhausting because of the people and the hard work. Sarah really wants to get a house. She has to wait until her husband is back from his deployment, in about 4-5 months. Sarah and her husband are okay with me living with them, I have asked many times. Anyway, we will be staying in CO Springs but we really want to live off post. Also, Sarah and Daniel need a larger house so that they can start a family. @therunningrebel has been sharing here g...moreardening knowledge with me :) and I very much appreciate it. Since planting them in pots here, they look so much better. They were a little wilted when I bought them. I am glad that they are doing well. There is nothing better than fresh produce. Oh yeah, I didn't even show the dresser O.O haha. I can be rather forgetful at times. I finally got all my small posters up on the wall. They have never been up on the wall so it is really nice that they're up! I have never been to Hawaii but I would love to visit. What is the weather usually like? Flash rain doesn't seem too bad :D Haha, yeah within reason. I mean, if i had a costume I would totally do that. The closest thing I have is some fallout clothing so I could pretend to be a vault dweller like in the Fallout games? Thanks for watching! :D
      • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply Studying always exhausted me, even though it feels good to get it done. Hey you can be the babysitter auntie! Ashley is the pro farmer! The weather in Hawaii is usually hot and slightly cloudy. Air conditioning is a must. There you go, the dancing vault dweller! Then you just have to choose a tune that's a little crazy.
        • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply I can't wait to be an aunt. I don't want kids of my own but I will love my sister's kids to death :). And Ashley really is. She has taught me so much about gardening! She is super helpful and nice. Hot sounds nice but humid sounds terrible haha. I love the warm weather but I am not a fan of humidity. Air conditioning is amazing. Haha, I should dance around like a vault dweller. Get a little more out of my comfort zone!
          • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply It's easy for us out here who don't have to leave our comfort zones to make suggestions for you to leave yours. I like the way you keep challenging yourself to go a little further from your comfort place. It's inspiring!
  • [ – ] DrCut reply Did you sleep well last night? Also, maybe you work too much? Don't you? Eat some fruits and vegetables. It's good and healthy. :)
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Yup, moving will do that to you haha. Glad the decision to move was a good one though. I also guess something having to do with not being active makes you feel lazy? I don't why that is tbh. But as for topic suggestions, what are some of your favorite stories from living in Illinois (had to look in your bio to double check :P) that you're willing to share? Whether they're thoughtful, creepy, adventurous, whatever it may be. Hopefully that's a specific enough question or it could inspire something better to talk about haha.
  • LareBear reply search "chemtrails". most people are tired now ...
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