Hey Vidme: Crap Content And The Future Of The Platform

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  • [ – ] Tentacle reply VidMe actively resents the fact that "Politics & News" has to be a sub-category on this website. It's actively barred from appearing in the trending tab. I bet your videos would get more circulation if it was all listed as brain food. Why? Honestly I'd like to blame it on the founders and team being mostly far-left leaning and a majority of the creators that produce video content on this site swaying towards central/right... Kinda a clash of interests you feel? You know what would help content circulate? If "Vidme" as a sub-category was also excluded from the trending system. Ah well, what do I know huh?
    • [ – ] Brologic_Productions parent reply Yeah, you pretty much nailed it in the head. It's sort of funny as thoughI agreed with initial implemntation, doing that with Politics and News (which I do find weird that it's the same category) probably caused the situation to be WORSE because then people had to resorting to posting brainfood and even comedy to get a better noticed. Now in the creator's defense, there are of course cases of overlap so one could do that in order to get on trending, the problem being is that one can aruge they don't fit properly in those categories. Another problem is finding videos outside of trending is super hard, so of course, people are going to worry about getting on the thing that will give them more clout. Plus how picks and trending works need to be reworking. because getting upvotes super quickly will get you one to front page fast. I'm still sort of waiting for a feature they ssaid they were going to do were trending can be customized to the users liking and all trending is intally all . Th...moreough I doubt that will happen since unless they're really going to bank on more viewership coming in, they still need to rely on ads for revenue.
    • drewwest_press parent reply Yeah, I agree. I’m going to try that out. I’m center-left politically, but I try to keep my politics out of it, at least separate from the news content.
  • [ – ] KoriconNala reply Teenagers love drama and gravitate to it. Majority of views come from teenagers that hope from one video to the next without watching the whole thing. Very short attention span. I think Vidme has an algorithm that is trending the videos that get quick click throughs reguardless of retention time.
    • [ – ] drewwest_press parent reply I sure hope not. Hope it’s organic and not manipulated artificially.
      • [ – ] KoriconNala parent reply I think it's a mix. It's organic in that drama videos will snowball if given any large exposure. Also organic because the majority of viewers want simple entertainment. They don't want to think. Out of the 100 videos they watch a day there will be only 1 or 2 news or serious videos. That's why The Daily Show and John Oliver have become trusted news sources. They are using humor to make news entertaining and palatable. They are honest about their slants and not making shit up like the major news channels... That being said, the Vidme drama videos are a trend. It will go away as the next trend comes in. If I had to bet on it then I would say in about 1-2 months the Vidme drama train will get less views and the next trend will start.
  • [ – ] drewwest_press reply I proved my point. I uploaded a vidme specific video and it's on the trending page. No one wants to hear about news and actual important stuff anymore. LOL!
    • [ – ] I3UTM parent reply I've noticed something weird as well. I am losing followers in the last few days. More than usual. I don't usually go to the trending pages of any websites but I may have to in order to survive. I do not care of that. This is disappointing.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply It's both, it's about team picks and organic upvotes. A lot of the picks are chosen by the vidme team that are requested but I don't think all of them are picked. However I do know that the videos aside from vidme do get organically upvoted to the trending page a lot from time to time.
    • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply Organic upvotes. Suuuure. AT has admitted to viewbotting on Zippcast but won't admit to doing so on Vidme (and he also used sockpuppet accounts to subscribe to himself, surpassing MysteriousMrEnter in subscribers even though it was Enter's fanbase that crashed the site) because he doesn't currently hate Vidme and you can get free pageviews by tweeting vidme urls or urls masked as vidme urls.
      • [ – ] SpeedyGaming parent reply Botting is what he is doing aside upvotes is that what your saying?
        • Mattwo parent reply Yes, he's a narcissist who will go out of his way to make himself look better than he actually is.
      • [ – ] drewwest_press parent reply Ugh. I hate when people game the system like that.
        • Mattwo parent reply At least you can't open a new tab or five, paste and go and set the video to loop to gain a ton of easy watch time, which isn't even relevant on Vidme (yet) to begin with.
        • Mattwo parent reply For what it's worth, I tested the tweet thing and you only get like 3-5.
  • [ – ] PUREGAMINGDNA reply List your videos as Brainfood like ComputingForever does. He gets loads of views and trends regularly bro. I think Vidme operates much like YouTube does, with a leftist view and agenda, therefore most news regarded as right-wing would only get like 20% of its algorythm totals used for trending much like how YouTube deceitfully does it. Just last week CNN had their Megan Kelly interview with Alex Jones trending at 17th while Alex Jones version from Infowars was nowhere to be seen despite having more than double the views. Regard Vidme as more of the same in terms of news and political agendas. Great video man! Upvoted!
    • SonicMcPatriotic parent reply Hm, there is no conspiracy sub category, so I list mine as #news (I am not verified yet.) I will try the "brainfood" one instead, next time. Thanks for the info. I don't care about trending, but would like more views, (who wouldn't?)
    • drewwest_press parent reply Thanks for that suggestion, I still don’t have a feel for this platform yet. Yeah, I’ll shoot for brainfood in the future.
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply Sadly i think the majority of it is natural. Why did drama alert grow so fast over that year before idubbbz got him? I dont think it was view botting. I think people like thw cheap fast content becasue it doesnt take an attention span to watch 45 seconds of whatever. I mean i put up 2 vids yesterday that both made it to trending under different categories, and they both ended up with minimal views and around 10 upvotes. Im not complaining but even on trending with decent thumbnails, titles and seemingly decent meta data it wasnt able to really garner much viewership.
    • drewwest_press parent reply Yeah, I don’t expect thousands of views, the platform is tiny still. Just wondering how all this works still.
  • [ – ] Brologic_Productions reply Okay so first off good video, I was scared to watch it (I was actually scrolling through the new page which can be quite the journey) but I'm glad I came anyway. You seem chill. I've been following this from day one so I'll try to pass on what I know too, and hopefully, I'm not missing anything. Okay so first thing's first: Politics and News. Tentacle is right that politics and news. It's been that way since seaman came in and a lot of political videos got to the top of trending because let's face it, People will upvote those videos because of either 1. They agree with the opinion of the person making the video, or 2 they thought the video was genuine quality want the discussion to continue. That sort of content is very favorable to the algorithm for trending which is weighted based on engagements (though upvotes seem to be the main factor). Instead of finding a solution the staff opted to make politics and news videos barred from trending. this was a move I liked until people started...more moving their videos to brain food to get trending, even if it was more politics than informative if you catch my drift. Next the vidme videos. ... It's almost expected I my opinion. I know you're probably referring to vidme videos that praise the site without mentioning its problems, and it's been like that for awhile. Hell re had to make this category because of all the challenges, and youtube vs vidme videos that people were making. The only exception are vidme videos bringing forth the issues, Which are expected from a site that not only asks for feedback, but offered a land of milk and honey to those who was feeling betrayed by youtube (for good or crappy reasons, it's not just one group downtrodden creators) and seeing vidme do things that seems against the mission statement of the sitehas only made them more frustraited. Of course, they're going to respond and make vidme videos. Now how many vidme videos that are on the site are a problem, but I'm not surprised that there's so many when the site is young and is they way it is, for better or worse. Finally, the manipulation, is it the community or the vidme staff? This has changed over time. Part of this is the community upvoting the content because vidme issues are on the front of alot of people mind with what's been going on. Though a big part of it was and maybe, again MAYBE, still is the case from the "picks boost." If your video is on picks that would boost you up to trending. Which seems redundant when picks give said video a lot of exposure, thus already increasing the change of upvotes. They've talked about getting rid of the algorithm boost, but I'm not sure if they if they've done that yet. Lately I've been wondering just how broken the trending page is even with out it. You can only go up with trending and you get lower over time, but get enough upvotes fast enough (though genuine or abusive means like flyby upvotes on multiple accounts) and you're at the top very quickly. It's made me wonder how they could adjust it, or even if they need to change the system to include a down vote or something. Anyways... I hope you don't mind a long text crawl of what I've collected to understand the situation. There might be things I've gotten wrong or I'm unware of, but hopefully it's helpful to you. :3
  • [ – ] imperialterra reply maybe people just get their news from other sources
    • drewwest_press parent reply No doubt, I think it’s just weird how entertainment goes viral but things that actually affect people’s lives doesn’t.
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