A Raw & Real Vidme Rant: Follower4Followers, You Got Me Fucked Up! LOL (Going to take a break!)

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply The world is a hard and disappointing place. We work hard for everything we get and it's not always enough. We can only do our best and be the solution. I wish you well whatever you choose to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings and time with us!
  • USUandS reply Follow4follow is absolute trash; ignore them. It's just people who think numbers only count, and on a site that's still growing, it's helping nobody. I'm also very torn on upvoting without commenting in general because it's the interaction that counts, but sometimes there just isn't something I have to say but I want to support. I try my best to stay active, but because I'll usually spend anywhere from a week or week and a half on content, I do feel the same thing about working hard on something with little pay off. This is what I think, but until YouTube makes another major mistake, the growth on Vidme may remain stagnant for awhile, so I don't blame you for taking a break. There are definitely other creators doing the same thing you are doing, so you're not alone. Take a rest, and come back rejuvenated whenever you want to.
  • AmandaFood reply whoa omg, I have no idea who is following you that's freaking you out you can block them. sorry to hear your experience with vid.me is making you take a break already and feel out of place.
  • TanyaMills reply It has always pissed me off (on here or YouTube, or anywhere really) that I can have a whole bunch of followers who I never hear from again. I cannot help you as far as skin color is concerned (you can see my profile pic). However, having said that, I am a poet and write lyrics for my hip hop music. And I am bisexual (had relationships with women and everything!) Happy Pride and big hugs sweetie. Take care of yourself. I'll still be here for support and commenting when you get back. <3
  • ShadowerCreations reply I'm 3 weeks late lol, but you hit the nail on the head!
  • Westley_Nash reply You are doing your best Tiffany 😊 To be honest, I think you do damn well 👍 It seems every platform has its follow 4 follow issue; that's why I created my priority list & focus on them instead (FYI you are on that list 😉) I agree that VidMe needs a bit more variety, but I think little by little it's getting there. I mean, just yesterday "Tosh Time" from YouTube has joined. "Fava Poetry" too. I think if we keep doing our thing it might attract others doing what we do. Take the time you need girl; give yourself a chance to refocus.
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