Uni. of Texas: Dr. Eve Browning threatening bisexual student with dismissal over saying "there are 10 muslims countries where I could get executed"

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  • [ – ] wwestfall reply behavior intervention... universities are Stalinist gulags
  • the_squattingman reply What a psycho bitch. L a w s u i t
  • [ – ] Reptillian_King reply "Behavior Intervention Team" Yeah that doesn't sound at all Orwellian.
  • krcm1981 reply She needs to be fired, a professor who puts feels over reals is not teaching material, what a disgrace to the education system and Texas as a whole.
  • Stingbatt reply A Muslim killed LGBTs in Florida. Eve Browning has what Sye Ten calls "Fucked Up Logic"
  • [ – ] Chanceler64 reply Welcome to 2017, where having different opinions is bad.
  • [ – ] The_New_One reply What a piece pf shit slut... :/
  • BobElschlager reply You always have the right to state a fact. Even more so in a public university. And to be threatened with controlling and correcting you mind, has no place in the U.S.
  • GarrettDark reply This school indoctrination is dangerous and needs to be dealt with. You can tell the student is pretty fearful/hesitant in this recording, and he's the one courageous enough to speak out in the first place. Most people who have finished their post-secondary education and worked a few years would firmly stand their ground and train wreck this professor, but of course even I and most people back when we were in post-secondary would be just as fearful/hesitant. Schools hold too much power over the students, it's even more insulting when the students themselves pay and should be treated as customers and not like lowly employees who should be fearful of being fired. Meetings of this nature between staff and students should be recorded, or witnessed. It should be common practice to have a student union representative present, or someone defending the student's rights. I mean in the workplace there's union representatives, and in the legal world there's lawyers. Heck, even in high school usu...moreally the student's parents show up and have to be informed.
  • GothicPorcelainDoll reply So he can get kicked out for saying that he would be killed in 10 countries for being bi-sexual? He didn't even describe any awfulness about being murdered like being thrown from a roof top or being stoned for his sexuality. I at least thought she was uncomfortable with the /way/ he would be killed and the thought of his mangled body in the streets of some country just because he likes a bit of men. But no? Just even saying the truth apparently too gruesome...Wow
  • xpusostomos reply Sharia law won't be instituted by Muslims, leftists will do it for them.
  • [ – ] BobElschlager reply This professor is way off the track. Real poison to human decency and to reason and to the college or university.
  • JebuNagazi reply So you got punished for saying the truth O_o ? You should sue them!
  • johnhdn reply Wow so it's got up to this now. Who doesn't know this??
  • wownou reply Because of identity politics and cultural Marxism, this dumb professor is offended by a fact. The regressive left mollycoddles these people. It's detrimental to people who are trying to reform this religion.
  • SCScholar reply This professor is being heavy handed.
  • Eric_B reply you should raise a discrimination lawsuit against this fucking bitch,
  • SoggyBreadMan reply This is why I wish god existed, so he could smite fuckers like these down.
  • pedro2550 reply god, what a psycho liberal bitch!
  • GeorgeCaldwell_ reply What a scumbag professor.
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