Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock | Attempting To Play: Cliffs Of Dover [on Expert]

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  • [ – ] Andaxion reply I got a bit worried at the start but that was a good comeback. Way better then anything I can do on guitar hero
    • [ – ] Mrmeerkatz parent reply Haha I did to but I figured out how to not fail it to continue. It takes a lot of practice but after picking it back up for a couple of months I've already beaten Expert for the first time. Thanks for watching. :3
      • [ – ] Andaxion parent reply Ive only ever been able to play up to hard and struggle lol. no problem just stumbled on your stuff and enjoyed it
        • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Oh nice, I've been there for a while, I think what helped me was playing Impulse over and over and again until I could do like 97%, then transferring those skills to the other songs. :3
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