The Serious Squirrel plays Grand Theft Auto 4 Part 19 | Coming out of the Closet

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  • [ – ] DouglasESL reply Great game.
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply NIKKO MY COUSIN! LET US GO BOWLING
  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Drugdealers good example of bad friends! Come check out my video about that Squirl... ok sorry for the self advertising, it's addictive! Anyway what attracts you into playing games like GTA, what do you like most about it? I wonder :) Let me know. cheers!
    • [ – ] TheSeriousSquirrel parent reply I like the wordplay with addictive self advertising ;) What I like most about games like GTA is the freedom that you're given. While you don't have a choice during missions, at how they play out, the rest of the game is very open to shenanigans and that's just great. Plus the crazy characters are always funny to talk to :D
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