Cucks and crusade LARPing

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  • [ – ] Jkill24 reply I was having a conversation with some shit lib about how she's a "democratic socialist" and I was making the same point u were making a true American democratic socialist would hold our values . It blew her mind sometimes I think we could convert some of these shit libs with a similar approach if anything having additional cannon fodder is nice. Look at all the movements threw out time it's these idiot SJW types that are used as pawns and then the first to go.
  • siborg reply Its cool to be a commie now apparently. Senior uk politician was at a communists rally on may 1st . Disgustimg
  • [ – ] GoyishSupreme reply Im getting really tired of non-racists, morally condemning "Life Long Racists"- Because they are "Racist Liberals"
  • [ – ] IRONSKIN14 reply Spain and Italy are half arab? Uhhh, not really. I'm sure in certain areas they have much non-white admixture, but for the majority I doubt it. Italy especially. A lot of very white people in Italy. Brown hair/eyes aren't only a non-white trait.
  • [ – ] Xavier_Zero reply Doom, I get your frustration with things but this purity spiraling nonsense is why no white nationalist movement has been successful so far in America. I agree that has to be standards, but rejecting Mediterraneans as non-white is not the answer. You are essentially limiting our numbers to the point of absurdity. Also, by your own logic we are already not a white country because of the mixing of Mediterraneans and Nords. In good faith I just want to leave it at this - this purity shit never ends if you go down that road.
    • doomguard1488 parent reply I've now got a regular Saturday slot on Radio Wehrwolf:
    • doomguard1488 parent reply I didn't say they weren't European and I didn't say they weren't allowed to join us, I just acknowledged the fact that there is a significant admixture of non-European blood in the southern nations of Europe, and that needs to be proactively corrected.
    • [ – ] doomguard1488 parent reply I mean I'm not "rejecting" them really. I'm just being honest. I think they should have their own countries and be considered part of Europe. I think they should be in a European alliance. But I don't believe in open borders or Pan Europeanism in terms of demographics or economic systems. I only believe in military alliances and trading agreements.
      • [ – ] Xavier_Zero parent reply I don't agree with Paneuropeanism either. It is essentially the EU or EU 2.0. But I also was referring to the US. We have a lot of diverse European Phenotypes and Genotypes here. What would become of the Wops or other Dagos?
        • doomguard1488 parent reply We've got a lot of racial mixing problems in America, and I say the only way to fix it is to promote the breeding standards that we want and discourage or halt the breeding tendencies that we don't want. Also by practicing reverse dilution... as in diluting away the genes we don't want. We need more European blood infused into America, one way or another.
    • [ – ] Xavier_Zero parent reply But I am always open to constructive criticism.
      • [ – ] doomguard1488 parent reply Yeah, we do have problems with genetic dilution. That has to be solved with a Eugenics program. I'm not denying that. In fact I believe in being honest about it. This is a genetic question we're dealing with and all European countries have suffered from mixing with undesirable genetics. Some just have it worse than others and we'd be fools to deny that. We'd be equally foolish to not try to correct it and save our race and civilization.
        • Xavier_Zero parent reply In total agreement, we need High IQ Europeans of exceptional character to breed to turn the dysgenic trends around. Also, I hope genetic science like CRISPR could be used to eliminate genetic physical and mental illnesses. That would be huge. I also would love to promote Aryan beauty in our children as much as possible, which could possibly be done with good breeding and gene therapy for those that would be a bit mixed in terms of distant moor blood. It could be done with intelligent minds with the right kind of goals.
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