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Monster Hunter 4U - The Worst Monster Of Them All

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 Very well made and amusing video, the music fit so well with it and its refreshing to have an animation that isn't super random lol.
  • [ – ] TheShadowHatter Good taste in music, especially the ending theme I love music that use that specific instrument. So charming!
  • [ – ] sarah omg LOL that little thing is so cute though
  • Daoloth A video that was made and distributed freely is now subscriber only because reasons. I know you need money but this is the exact reason people hate EA, making you pay for something that was already there. And like EA, this move will only come back to bite you in the ass if you continue down the path.
  • ShimonKonichiwa WOoooooOOOah What an ANIMATION! That's fucking awesome mate!
  • Slipgate That little fucker is the bane of my life in Monster Hunter 4. Game still rocks though.
  • ManySkills Haha very cool video. Loved the music choice
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