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  • [ – ] SuitYourself reply JackDinn, this video was made for YouTube. I haven't gone out of my way to create TWO VERSIONS OF A VIDEO for each platform yet. I am only ONE PERSON. Give me a fucking break.
    • [ – ] Broomfondle parent reply Hah, yeah we demand different videos on YT, Vidme, Minds etc etc, get yer finger out you lazy git!
      • SuitYourself parent reply LOL - I'm making a new video that is going to be talking about VidMe and YouTube due to the new rules coming in for YouTube soon. Stay Tuned!
    • [ – ] JackDinn parent reply :) i know , i know, but could not resist the urge to post it. Maybe one day we might get our freedom of speech back (Im not holding my breath though). Keep up the great work suit.
    • Debrajo33 parent reply Good on you Suit.
  • Muddywaters reply Honestly I don't need this in my life, I am happy for people to think what they like but I don't need to have it presented to me as I don't bloody care. Shit if they think their a teapot fine be a bloody teapot. I see far too many serious issues in life to be distracted about minor things like what degree of homosexuality a person thinks they feel. FFS Suit you nailed it with your question to Roly and I paraphrase "What would you present if you dropped the 'look at me, it's all about me and my feels' narrative." And another thing since it's all about the feels, I object to how people of this ilk have misappropriated the word 'gay' which when I was a boy meant someone was bright, cheerful and happy. Now while Roly presents as these expressions this word can no longer be used to express it, all I can associate gay with now is victim narratives and mental illness. We as a society have become far too tolerant and the old maxim comes to mind, 'give an inch and they will take a mile' what's...more next pedo's misappropriating jolly?
  • [ – ] Broomfondle reply You're sounding a bit better lately mate, your health sorted now dude?
  • Edgewood reply .....Oh god, that person again. But...wrf.....
  • Didymus reply "Don't take this the wrong way, but..." lol
  • amyscoolbeans reply If we had a day off for every gender there was then we'd have 2 days off
  • Debrajo33 reply Rrligion. Sorry.
  • [ – ] Debrajo33 reply Hey Suit, it's Debra O. Im a Patreon. I didn't know changing your name was popular. So. here...lolz. Very interesting video. Do we have to celebrate the day? I mean I don't care. But, it's not my rrligion.
  • JackDinn reply o please , stop pussy footing around Suit, this is not youtube !
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