Shattered Democracy Bulletproofing Canada's Ironclad Ruling Class

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  • Canadian_Libertarian reply In this video I cover a recent article where the RCMP suggest that the political elite..aka...ruling class in Canada, have their homes reinforced and upgraded with bullet-proof doors, windows, and wall panels. This kind of thing is something one would only dream of in a fictional movie or in some far off country where the authoritarian regimes and dictators have to be protected from the people they rule over with an iron fist. Surely, in a freedom loving democracy such as Canada, where the people are supposedly represented by the politicians, there would never be a need for such a massive increase in protection for the benevolent public servants who only seek to serve the people. There in lies the real truth of the matter. This is just further proof of the fact that Canadians are increasingly being ruled over,dictated to, oppressed, and plundered to such a degree that the political elite and their obedient enforcers can no longer keep the charade up for much longer. The true nature of...more the great divide between the people, and those who rule over them is something that can no longer remain hidden from view. The cracks are widening to the point where a chasm is now forming. Watch and listen attentively to what is being said in this article. And ask yourself....what could possibly be the motive behind such a push to protect the political lass in this country? What do they know that you don't? Do they expect a full on economic collapse and are preparing for it? Does it have anything to do with the recent push for mass immigration, illegals,asylum seekers and the open border policy that will no doubt cause even more civil strife? Or are they fearful of blow back from all the foreign interventions in distant parts of the world? These are very important and pressing questions all Canadians should be asking themselves once they learn of this.
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