A Non-Blinking Object Zinged Past the Moon tonight at 8:52pm

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  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply Jayling7 This had me staring at it for 20 minutes... Not only the light streak but the light that seems to be emitting at what appears to be the north pole of the moon. Its still there 2 days in a row....I noticed a little down from it , that it seemed to be something that looked like maybe another light source was there also. Very interesting stuff. I posted this vid on one of my FB groups. I hope that was ok. Just wanted everyone to see this. I didn't touch the video just posted the link to the page. Take Care..Peace and Love J
    • Jayling7 parent reply Awesome, thanks for the comment and for the share, J! You know what's funny, is that earlier that morning I was filming planes galore and commenting on how slow many of them seemed to be going, and for those that appeared to be flying at a 'normal' pace you could see how long it takes for them to cross the sky. This white lighted object streaked past the moon and within 3 seconds was across my viewable sky. Super speeds it was! And yeah, our lit moon - it does boggle my mind also. We shall keep looking!
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