Game and Talk: Sonic Utopia and Updates

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  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply Hmm... Only thing that comes to mind is storytimes (sadly...) Or talking about something related to said drawing
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Ah I was watching stuffweplay yt sonic vid and was watching more lol so seeing more sonic gameplay yesss! Did you get Mario Odyssey omg... I need to step away from playing. Lol seeing this is not helping. Oh I can't wait for the next art and talk!! Movies reviews sound cool please bring back mini marzie. Games I can go on and on about so game reviews would be cool I know they seem to take forever. I always have art and topics for you but I'll say them on the next art one.
    • Marzipandorica parent reply I do not have Mario Odyssey, yet. Will be getting it this week though. I'll consider mini-Marzie lol. Game Reviews will probably come eventually but I would need to get good at reviews first before I tackle that. and I look forward to your topic suggestions.
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