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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply The only thing that makes sense to bring in the muslim invaders to europe is the elite want to create a depopulation event. Perhaps because of the threat of climate change and over population, the elite want to increase the chances for the survival of their offspring. When they have enough warriors, they will arm them and turn them lose to do their thing. Just a theory, hope someone can give me a good counter argument, or alternate theory
    • Semiogogue parent reply I think the less clever globalists just wanted votes. While the longer-established, more clever globalists let the less clever ones do it because it suited their purposes. Those purposes being something that would draw Europe together in the face of a common enemy, without having to continue to follow the EU trajectory. But it's all speculation at this point...
  • wolfalexzemla reply I discovered you have a channel on To be honest I think you would do better over there. My opinion for what its worth.They also have viewing points that can boost your videos to the top for a certain number of days. I don't make videos so I have all kinds of boost points that I have no use for. Also, my opinion again, to put that sjw series there. That was awesome. And the video where you said "sjw's screeching for entitlements" lmao, I may never get that line out of my head, best ever!
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply Send the muslim invaders back the other direction, where they came from. Plenty of skyscrapers in the middle east, tallest building in the world, tallest HOTEL, five stars of course. PUT UP A SIGN REFUGEES WELCOME. send them all back.
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