London Falling: VLOG #125

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  • Forestal reply Sorry, but SJW/ millenials with their high disgust sensitivity will simply not allow themselves to step "out-of-character"-- i.e. they will do what they have always done in the sincere WISH/ BELIEF that a different outcome will ensue....
  • ClimatePonziLie reply ON speed dial send # GET USE TO IT.
  • GeekWisdom reply That was very well put :)
  • insaneonthemembrane reply The Queen is just another parasite Mr Razorfist.
  • insaneonthemembrane reply The people of the UK know if we dare so much as call these fucking mudslimes names it'll be US who get arrested even if it's the mudslimes fault. The good news in the UK it's nearly at critical stage were no amount of police will stop the non mudslimes taking action.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The biggest supporters and apologist for the ISLAMIC terrorist are women who championed ISLAM in the woman's march. Where is the wonder woman feminist standing up to the forces of evil. The message form the Amazon Queen of the Government of Germany after Christmas mass sexual assaults was. Ladies You have to accept it, What ! Is that her message GET USE TO IT said Merkel, NOT the words of a leader. Why is Merkel (Wonder Women) hiding behind her walls and armed guards. Would Wonder Woman quote GET USE TO IT as she put on her Burka. Look out wonder woman down. GET USE TO IT, that's the drivel of Merkel and NOT an empowered amazon kicking ass. The Terrorist sent a message in England Loud and Clear, just GET USE TO IT.
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