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Phase Shift: Thunder Dragon - Digimon METALution Medley II - GP6 Cover, Remastered

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September 9 2017

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I spent too long than I should. While I already finished this chart prior to the release of the MP3s of my remasters, I was hoping I would have got my RCT Medley GP6 Remastered Cover music video done by now but I'm still working on a park for it so I'm just going to upload my Phase Shift charts of my remasters now (better late than never). But I digress. Anyway, here is the note chart of my "Digimon METALution Medley II - GP6 Cover, Remastered" track. Compared to the original version, I made real slides different and made a few other fixes. Compared to my original version (including audio and chart), there isn't much difference except I made the drums a bit louder and changed the guitar tones and did my own style of legato slides (since I hate how slides worked in GP6). Oh, the reason why I said, "But no new Xros War songs or Appli Monster songs" in the Loading Screen Text is in case if you ask if there are new songs added in this medley. I thought about it and it would have been nice to try to throw in some more Xros War evolution/DigiXros songs (well, team songs) but I don't know where so I kept it as it is. And I didn't care for the new Digimon spin-off, Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters that came out a few months ago. Game: Phase Shift (v1.27) Developer: DWSK Website: /redirect?redir_token=PIFLu6vKnLfqJ_j3sQ5DMdTjKP58MTUwNjM5MzU3OUAxNTA2MzA3MTc5&event=video_description& Song: "Digimon METALution Medley II - GP6 Cover, Remastered" by Thunder Dragon (TDPNeji) Song source: • My official YouTube video: • Soundcloud: /redirect?redir_token=PIFLu6vKnLfqJ_j3sQ5DMdTjKP58MTUwNjM5MzU3OUAxNTA2MzA3MTc5&event=video_description& • Facebook: /redirect?redir_token=PIFLu6vKnLfqJ_j3sQ5DMdTjKP58MTUwNjM5MzU3OUAxNTA2MzA3MTc5&event=video_description& Charter(s): TDPNeji Chart editor(s) used: EOF v1.8RC12 (either revision 12-6-2016 or 12-22-2016 at the time I last charted this) - Controller(s)/Track(s)/Difficulty: All are played by the profile "Marvin [BOT]" and none by me. • Rock Band 2 Wireless Fender Stratocaster (Guitar - Expert, Guitar Coop - Expert) • Computer keyboard (Bass Guitar - Expert, Rhythm Guitar - Expert) • DualShock 4 (Drums Adv - Expert+, Drums Real - Expert+) • Sabrent USB Joystick (Dance - Expert, Drums [5-Lane] - Expert+) Downloads: • Phase Shift note chart: /redirect?redir_token=PIFLu6vKnLfqJ_j3sQ5DMdTjKP58MTUwNjM5MzU3OUAxNTA2MzA3MTc5&event=video_description& • MP3 only: /redirect?redir_token=PIFLu6vKnLfqJ_j3sQ5DMdTjKP58MTUwNjM5MzU3OUAxNTA2MzA3MTc5&event=video_description& • MP3 + Tabs: /redirect?redir_token=PIFLu6vKnLfqJ_j3sQ5DMdTjKP58MTUwNjM5MzU3OUAxNTA2MzA3MTc5&event=video_description& Recording software used: Open Broadcaster Software My other Phase Shift downloads: /redirect?redir_token=PIFLu6vKnLfqJ_j3sQ5DMdTjKP58MTUwNjM5MzU3OUAxNTA2MzA3MTc5&event=video_description& Copyright See the description of my music video version (because this wall of text is already huge as it is!) for the songs, creators, and copyright owners:

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