Conan the Destroyer Review

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  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply To be honest, there is nothing wrong with certain Doom.
  • GaryTurbo reply Too bad Wilt Chamberlain couldn't kill 100 guys in one battle
  • JinOkubo reply Enjoyable
  • LeftHeadGrave reply Oddly enough the novelization of this movie was the first Conan thing I read. Was pretty good. Course it was written by the late Robert Jordan. Was good enough I really got into Conan afterward and even picked up the Dark Horse comics that went through all the original works.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply While I do enjoy this movie, this wasn't the best that Richard Fleischer has done. By the way, yes, he is Max Fleischer's son. (Kudos to anyone who knows who I am talking about without resorting to Wikipedia.) This film is still one of the best Grace Jones films I've seen.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Before I go, I have to agree that PG movies have become too safe and clean for their own good. (Ditto for G, PG-13, and R films.) Don't get me stared on Hardass parents...I could go on about mine for longer than I need or want.
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