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  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Nah pistol whipping someone never seriously hurt let alone killed anyone LOL "I didnt think it would kill you"
  • PeggySue1 reply lol, great!!!!!!!
  • irregularfox reply Congrats foxy, two years of how you progressed and how you just made people laugh.
  • [ โ€“ ] kurnd reply why are some many people called : Theycallme.(insert name) Is that a group of people or why is this happening ? wierd
    • TheyCallMeFoxy parent reply I only know one other person with that start lol I just did it bc it sounds nice but I'm not part of some weird "TheyCallMe" -Clan or something ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • gfhydd reply Hey man i know you might not see this haha but ive been really been enjoying your videos and i to have tried youtube and after about a year of that i just recently decided to join and my goodness it is so much better and i just wanted to say that i hope you become very big on, i love what you do and i think your videos are amazing, cant wait for the next one
  • Botchyop reply Anyone else notice that he tells the chair to shutup when he was comparing his new room to his old :P Also, congrats on 2 years of funny and amazing content creating! I'm not legally old enough to own a credit card, so I can't really subscribe or donate, though if I could, I definitely would .-.
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