Las Vegas Shooting: Thoughts, Questions, Prayers

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  • Valeda_Mystico reply Yes I think the media is worse than internet click baiters sometimes in that they just throw out information to get views and be the first to report. Then they don't even publicly retract statements when they get them wrong. And the worst part is people just believe it because they are the "news". I can't even stand to watch mainstream media any more. It times like this it shows that we still have the ability to stop the hate and be unified, I just wish it didn't fade and take another tragedy to show up again. Regardless of what really happened I commend those that ran towards the fire, forgoing their own safety, to help others and to try and take out the threat before others were hurt.
  • JustABloke reply Real talk .. thank you for sharing your thoughts. As time goes on things certainly changes. Authorities in total panic released information based on total conjecture just to appease the masses at the time; but in saying that, I totally agree with what you say, authorities and people in general bonded to help those in need.
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