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  • [ – ] BigCalsWorld reply Still pissed this made the Mini NES. They could have at least region-ised the system so us in England/Europe got something else, like, I dunno, an actual Football game... or if they didn't wanna make different versions for us (which they didn't...), put something more world-wide appealing, like Pro Wrestling or something.
    • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply This didn't make the Mini NES. Tecmo Bowl did. Tecmo Bowl was one of the most influential, biggest sports games on the NES.
      • [ – ] BigCalsWorld parent reply well, looks the bloody same to me :P. And still means nothing to people outside of the US unless they love American Football lol :)
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply Wait... Tecmo Super Bowl was on the Nintendo? Not the Super Nintendo? Thanks for failing me, BRAIN!
    • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply lol! It was on both.
      • JadeJicama parent reply I definitely remember that 'Hut! Hut! Huthutuhuthut!' noise, though. And it makes sense that it's on the N, because my brain only sees the 'Super' part, and attributed it to the SNES, but it's part of Super Bowl...
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