Russianvids Lied!

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  • [ – ] oldweatherguy reply How can they come down if they are from the flat Earth? A lot of inconsistencies here.
    • [ – ] Red-Dogg-Truth parent reply Aliens could be coming from the next earth puddle over . So not really from space . Not all flat earthers believe in the bullshit dome theory . Flat earth and the dome don't go hand in hand , you moron . Just because we can't out of earth , it doesn't mean aliens couldn't get thru the protective layer known as the Van Allen belts .
      • oldweatherguy parent reply Moron? I am amazed that you could establish such a witty response, oh wait you were not being witty, you were confirming you scheduled IQ results. Intellectual being is often shown by people that insult when questions are asked.
    • VonHelton parent reply They have flying craft........
  • Trx125 reply That information is something to think about.
  • Rendar reply I did some research on Charles Hall his is a fake he never served in the US Air force. We was caught in a lie. He never served in Vietnam and never served in Nevada either. So everything he says is a lie.
  • Kevin_T reply Who owns Wikileaks? They do. Don't believe the lies!
  • Red-Dogg-Truth reply Where's the part about Russianvids ?
  • Red-Dogg-Truth reply RussianRetard is a shill for sure . I have caught him in so many lies . He had video where he claimed some murder in Boston of an absolute nobody was a hoax simply because the murder happened near a Freemason lodge and two cops working the very VERY outside perimeter police tape were sharing a laugh .
  • [ – ] Rendar reply good video bro
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