You Can't Really Blame Foreigners for Not Assimilating in Parts of Europe

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  • Endovelico reply No TOR here !!! Does not work !
  • attilio7 reply You Tube is dead,long live Styx on vidme
  • [ – ] CFSpenglerien reply I certainly don't want them to assimilate. If they do, it'll be impossible to send them back. We can hope they remain in their ghettos, dreaming about their homelands, and that they, in the future, return home, we're they can bring back the knowledge they acquired in the West and finally elevate these countries.
    • [ – ] tmnsoon parent reply If they want Sharia law in the countries they move to I don't think they'll be elevating everything.
      • CFSpenglerien parent reply To some extent, I don't really care if they apply Sharia law in their countries. But I was obviously talking about Arabs who acquired degrees and who are, in Europe, racial aliens.
  • kidder96 reply YouTube is dying
  • Jackoc reply Greta video !
  • FinnishNationalist reply #StyxenRevolt - I am with you here and in youtube. Yours, Finnish Nationalist.
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