The Barf-In - From the YouTube Archives

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  • [ – ] Bobtoronto reply Does anyone who grew up in the seventies remember going through this bizarre ritual? Comment!
    • [ – ] DragoNate parent reply Nope!! Then again, I'm only 22, so.... I'll ask my mom though!
      • [ – ] Bobtoronto parent reply Yeah, your mom is most certainly closer to my age I'm sure lol. Yeah, I asked some friends on Facebook from my school. The toothpaste was some special toothpaste, probably high fluoride and God knows what else, thus the bad taste that was making some kids feel sick. We brushed together to learn the proper way to brush. The tablets we chewed made out teeth change colour to show if we had brushed correctly. So, no, there weren't trying to poison the children. I'm sure you've gathered by now that I tend to exaggerate for the laughs :)
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