The Real Life Zombie Drug

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  • aberb53 reply More fuckwit druggies wasting tax payers money on looking after the fucking morons while they come down, winds me up, get a life ya fuckin idiots
  • [ – ] RealRebellion reply What is this video?? Spice isn't new at all. The people you show didn't smoke spice, they took other drugs. This video is full of allegations. You should re-think your motivations, right now you aren't objective at all, you are clearly fearmongering.
  • [ – ] kendrakane reply lol i have smoked that. It's not really that bad. It was avaible in local stores in the united states till old people got worried. it did make me irritable. but THC does the same. Some people have bad panic attacks.
    • [ – ] Cellblock776 parent reply Question, Is what he is calling "spice" also referred to as "Mojo"? I work in a hospital and we often get patients brought in and I hear things like "He was doing Mojo" or "he's high on Mojo". Is this the same as Spice or are they 2 separate things? Thanks.
  • ManySkills reply Well I feel educated...and slightly disturbed.
  • [ – ] Darkhelmet-N-Defiance reply The truth it effects some people in very bad ways other people it does not. I have seen people take one hit pass out and start convulsing,seen others get all paranoid and run right out in traffic,or hide in a corner Terrified of who knows what.Others have got sicker than a Dog,and some landed in the Hospital,while others just sit there dumbfounded.And nobody who is having any mental issues beforehand should not be allowed by anyone there to touch it.As it Does not help in any way.I recommend evreyone should stay away from it.It is garbage and Weed is much Better and much safer for everyone, Thats about it .Have a Nice Day...
  • Lentelle reply Yeah, IDK what those people were on but it sure as hell wasn't spice as sold in it's retail version. Why don't you do a video about Krokodil(Desomorphine), or bath salts, or something like that instead? Hell, while your at it, why not do a video about how prohibition and the war on drugs is the main factor for why these inferior,less safe, and in some cases, deadly, versions of drugs exist in the first place, and the parallels to the alcohol prohibition in the us , and how the us government was actively poisoning the alcohol supply and killing people in an attempt to keep people from drinking.
  • veteranmountianman reply So the big issue with Spice is that they keep updating the formula. Also Moon Rock is a different drug in the US.
  • chopz reply interesting
  • killabear187 reply What you're seeing is a homemade batch of spice. They made it so strong that people literally passed out in the middle of the street on this stuff. Company made stuff is nowhere near this strong
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply For naysayers and doubters and all the "it's not a big deal" posts this video will inevitably receive, any type of drug addiction IS a big deal. While using ANY drug SAFELY are beneficial when used properly, synthetic marijuana abuse is never a laughing matter. If you have doubts, PLEASE, share your evidence that drug abuse is harmless.
  • duffy reply this is like the new bath salts.
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