It's Time to Talk About Title IX

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  • wolfalexzemla reply Bill clinton actually is a rapist.
  • I3UTM reply Title IX originally stood for equalization in athletics and academics, but now it includes criminal justice, social policy, and regulation of speech. This is perhaps, the only thing DeVos has done that I support. She should not even be there as the DoE should be discontinued.
  • DriftingThruTime reply Whoa! Didn't know and had heard Title 9 in an article just last week... Thank you!
  • Sock_Puppet reply So going to college or university could destroy your life these days, truly incredible news.
  • [ – ] thoughtcrime1984 reply Incredibly informative. The numerous case examples you provide are appreciated. Combined with the fact that such evidence is being presented by a woman, hopefully this vid will open some eyes! But then again you're probably just one of those self-hating internalized misogynizers I've heard so much about. 😉
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