Robert Webb on How Not To Be a Boy | Rantzerker 94

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  • whitezombie reply And here i thought the boy that did not want to grow p was just a story. Shows how much i don'r know i guess. The book should be called how to be a boy, or how not to grow up
  • ShmegOfAmerica reply P.S. since you're reading these comments (thank you!), could y'all do a session on the HILARIOUS CNN Hillary interview? It's a classic. 😉
  • [ – ] ShmegOfAmerica reply Guys, he's a comedian! Having watched him for years, this is part of his shtick.... while I agree that his book is very weird, you may be overanalyzing the vid portions
    • [ – ] HoneyBadgerRadio parent reply It's part of his "schtick" to advance feminism?
      • ShmegOfAmerica parent reply Probably - all of the great British sketch comedians are flaming libtards. My point was that his behavior in the video was the same as his comedic style, not necessarily exclusive to his views on feminism. Just trying to provide a broader context on this one. Thanks!
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