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  • [ – ] Reasanka reply i'm almost glad so few people know about this manga, makes it all the more enjoyable :D such a fantastic hidden gem one thing i really love about this manga is how well it progresses, it's so short but it makes every panel count, more mangaka could learn a thing or two from this guy it's so refreshing how ojojojo and dragon maid does characterisation too, i feel it's something alot of anime & manga lack, in this it just seems so natural and genuine I haven't read komori san but the anime wasn't all that popular but you never know it could be worth a read XD fantastic review, can't wait for the next one :D if you need some more manga to check out, I reccomend Helck for now, an ongoing manga set in the demon world where they are selecting a new demon king. it starts off as a comedy but be warned it'll soon get dark XD the tragedy tag is not for show HEIL TANYA
    • SeaTactics parent reply There is a beauty in reading and watching stuff that I review where nobody knows what it was before. It can get a little tiring reviewing really well known stuff like Dragon Ball and AoT. That's what I loved about early Anime Friday, I reviewed a whole bunch of random stuff. I'll definitely be adding that manga to the list, and thanks for watching!
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